Volunteers Wanted

WATERING (monthly) – it would be helpful if individuals could volunteer to be responsible for watering one or several trees in an orchard near to them. For each tree, this would involve filling a a couple of six pint milk containers with water each month and taking them along to give the tree a drink.

PRUNING – although no major pruning is going to be required until possibly 2018, we would like to get a sense of how many people would be interested in joining our ‘pruning gang’. We could organise a workshop if enough people were interested, so you could pick up some tips and advice to use in your garden as well.

ORCHARD MAPS – although we’ve got documents that show where each variety of tree is planted, we are struggling to produce something clear and attractive for our website. Anyone got any IT skills to help with this?

SPARE APPLES – even though it will be a couple of years before our orchards start producing enough apples, we are still looking at the possibility of organising an Apple Juicing Day in 2017.

This will depend upon how many people are willing to contribute apples from their own tree(s). If you are interested, please let us know.

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