Lord Derby


  • Cooker – good for pies as it keeps some of its shape when cooked. Strong sharp flavour requiring some sugar when cooked. Loses acidity and flavour in storage and is best used before it turns yellow.
  • Large, round-conical fruit with pronounced ribs. Bright green skin turning pale yellow.
  • Pick late September; use through to December.
  • Attractive apple pink blossom.
  • Vigorous, hardy tree. Good cropper and may require thinning when the crop is heavy. Good disease resistance. Hardy and suitable for growing in northern Britain.

Raised by B. W. Witham, a nurseryman from Stockport, Cheshire – first recorded 1862. It is believed by some to be a Catshead seedling. It was grown commercially in England in the late 19th Century. It still remains a popular garden variety particularly in northern England and Scotland.