Laxton’s Fortune


  • Dessert – one of the best flavoured English apples, so long as it’s eaten straight from the tree. It will keep for a day or two, but much longer and it starts to lose its texture and juiciness.
  • Medium sized fruit with a short round shape and distinct rounded ribs at apex.
  • Red flush and short, broad, broken bright red stripes over a pale green background becoming pale yellow. Creamy white flesh
  • Fruits from early to late September. May lack taste if picked too early, so best left on the tree as long as possible to colour and develop flavour.
  • A strong healthy grower, it produces good crops. RHS AGM.

Raised in Bedford in 1904, this dessert apple is similar to Cox’s Orange Pippin but has a sweeter flavour and is easier to grow. The tree is compact and therefore suitable for smaller gardens. Resistant to scab and can be grown countrywide.
Trees slightly biennial, but have a reasonable crop even in the “off” year.