Blenheim Orange


  • Dessert / cooker – crisp apple with a sweet, nutty flavour. When cooked, the flesh turns to a firm pulp making it ideal for recipes where a puree apple is required but with some body to it.
  • Slightly larger than normal apple and the shape is rather flattened. Skin is yellow flushed red ; yellow flesh.
  • Pick mid October
  • Grows with a neat well branched habit

Blenheim Orange was reputedly discovered growing against a wall of Blenheim Park, near Oxford in England. That was as far back as 1740. Initially given the name Kempster’s Pippin (after Mr Kempster who found it), the apple tree was then marketed commercially by a Worcestershire nursery owned by a Mr Biggs. It was then that it was given the name Blenheim Orange.