Sites at local schools

Six local schools are participating in the Fruit For All project:

Carr Green Primary School, Carr Green Lane, Rastrick HD6 3LT

Field Lane Primary School, Burnsall Road, Rastrick HD6 3JT

Highbury School, Lower Edge Road, Rastrick HD6 3LD

Longroyde Primary School, Longroyde Road, Rastrick HD6 3AS
Longroyde Primary School, Field Top Road, Rastrick HD6 3XB

Rastrick High School, Field Top Road, Rastrick HD6 3XB

William Henry Smith School, Boothroyd Farm, Booth Royd Lane, Rastrick HD6 3JW


Once the fruit trees start to produce something to eat, Fruit For All and the schools will be looking at ways in which the produce can be made accessible to as many local people as possible.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please get in touch with us and share them.