April Update

Having recently learnt that our bid was successful, we are now busy planning how, where and when to plant the 400+ trees and bushes.

But we think that we could do even more if we can get the help of local groups, firms, schools and other organisations.
And there are probably three ways in which such help could be provided:

1. Sites for mini orchards
We’ve already got agreement to plant up a dozen or so large sites on council land, but are keen to increase that number if groups or organisations (like schools) can identify a suitable site (like Bradley Wood) where anything from 6 to 30 trees or bushes could be planted.
The provisos to this are that:

a) the group or organisation would need to organise for the planting of the trees / bushes on that site; ie dig some holes! This shouldn’t be too big a challenge – it’s anticipated that, on average, a person can dig and plant a tree in around 15 minutes, so a group of say five people could probably get 15 trees planted in less than an hour.

b) the fruit must be accessible to the community or, if there is not (eg. with some schools), there must be a proposed way of getting the fruit out into the community.

2. Providing digging power on other sites
Although we’ve budgeted to pay someone to plant our trees, the labour costs involved in planting a tree are nearly four times the cost of the tree.
So if we can get help to plant some of these trees, this would release money to plant even more trees.
We’re looking to plant the various sites in stages over several months between August and November and each site will have between 10 and 60 trees and bushes, although some could be smaller.
So we’re hoping that local groups, firms and organisations could offer to do a morning or afternoon’s planting on an agreed site.

3. Providing any helpful sundries
Again, the project has budgeted for various materials, but the more contributions we can get, the more money this frees up to plant other trees. So if you know a way of getting contributions to any of the following, that would be great:
§ Compost
§ Woodchip for mulching the trees
§ Tree stakes
§ Transport to get the trees and mulch etc to the sites
§ Loan of equipment—spades, forks, etc.