FRUIT FOR ALL : A community project to make fresh fruit available to all the residents of Rastrick – and for free!!


13 orchards across Rastrick:

Over 500 trees: apples / pears / plums / gages / cherries / quinces

200 soft fruit bushes: blackcurrants, raspberries, redcurrants, gooseberries, jostaberries



  • Produce on tap for Rastrick residents

  • Fruit you won’t find in the supermarket

  • Good for bees and pollinating insects

  • Blossom in spring

  • Greener and more interesting open spaces




Fruit For All is a Rastrick based voluntary project funded by Rastrick Big Local and the National Lottery to establish a series of mini orchards across the whole of the Rastrick area, so that eventually everyone in our community will be less than a mile of fresh fruits across the season.


Our Aims

  • To establish mini orchards across Rastrick
  • To inspire members of the community to become involved in looking after the orchards
  • To help the wider community learn how to grow fruit
  • To encourage people to eat more fruit
  • To increase bio-diversity
  • To provide educational opportunities about fruit, its production and its uses
  • To increase the opportunities for people to come together by making more use of our parks and open spaces



The proposals for the Fruit For All project were drawn up by HD63 Food Fruit and Flowers, a group of local residents who originally came together to share seeds, seedlings, plants and information between members of the group.


In September 2015, Rastrick Big Local (RBL) invited organisations to put forward proposals for improving the local environment and we thought that establishing a series of small orchards would be a good way of doing this and could have a lasting impact for generations to come.

The Safer Greener Cleaner Services team at Calderdale council were particularly helpful in enabling us to test out the viability of our proposals and we duly submitted a bid to RBL.

This was one of around ten bids that local residents were then invited to vote for, with the projects that got the most votes being awarded funding.

Fruit For All was one of the proposals that was most liked and gained the second highest number of votes. It was therefore awarded £20,000 to plant at least 350 fruit trees and 120 soft fruit bushes around Rastrick.


Working with local schools and the Safer Greener Cleaner team at Calderdale council, a list of sites were identified and plans drawn up.

Lots of conversations were had with Beardsworth’s Nurseries at Cleckheaton [see their website at], who provided invaluable advice and information about suitable trees and bushes.


The original submission for funds covered the cost of paying a contractor to come and do the planting, but we were hopeful that we could reduce these charges by approaching local groups and organisations to see if they could assist with the planting.

In the event, we managed to get all the planting done without recourse to a contractor.

Each of the schools organised the planting of the orchards on their own sites. In addition:

  • Students from William Henry Smith School planted up Field Top Lane
  • Calderdale Youth Offending Team organised for young offenders to do reparation work in helping to plant up the Lillands Lane area, Carr Green Recreation Ground, Rastrick Common and Bramston Street Recreation Ground
  • Local scouts and explorers planted up Healey Wood Recreation Ground
  • Members of the Woodhouse Play Area Group planted up Woodhouse Recreation Ground


As a result of this support, we were able to purchase more fruit trees and bushes than originally proposed and have now planted over 500 trees (instead of 350) and 180 (instead of 120) soft fruit bushes.

In addition, we won’t have to draw on all the funding awarded, so Rastrick Big Local will be able to use this on other projects.